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James Ambrose Bulliard (born August 23, 1978; age 41) played Patrick, a White House aide, during Season 7 of 24.

Biography and career Edit

James Ambrose Bulliard was born in Bern, Switzerland, but moved to Canada at the age of three. He attended Northern Secondary School there, and then went to Trinity College at the University of Toronto. However, he dropped out after two years

Bulliard started his acting career as a teenager. Through the years, he has appeared in TV shows like Tales from the Cryptkeeper, TekWar, Blue Murder, Leap Years, That Was Then, Mutant X, and NYPD Blue (with Currie Graham).

Aside from TV, Bulliard has also appeared in several short films and feature films like Ordinary Magic, Women on Top, and the N*Sync film titled On the Line. However, after his brief appearance on 24 in 2009, he has left the acting business.

Role on 24 Edit

Bulliard played the role of Patrick during Season 7. Patrick was a White House aide to President Allison Taylor that was present during the White House siege. Bulliard appeared in just one episode and was credited as a co-star.

24 credits Edit

Selected filmography Edit

  • On the Line (2001)
  • A Glimpse of Hell (2001)
  • Ordinary Magic (1993)

Television appearances

  • NYPD Blue (2004)
  • Relic Hunter (2001)
  • PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal (2000)
  • TekWar (1995)

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