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James Radford was the Governor of California in The Game. Born in San Diego, his family soon moved to Sacramento where in his teens he took an interest in State politics. Slowly moving up the political ladder, he was eventually elected as governor. He had more political ambitions, wanting to become President of the United States.

A self-proclaimed "man of the people", he made some controversial decisions as Governor, including the cutting of California's health care budget.

The Game[]

After the earthquake attack, while attending a photo-op at Leichty Plaza, Radford was separated from his security detail and in the confusion on live television was taken hostage by Jody, an aggravated man trying to help his sick son, Zack. Jody was angry that his son, who needed a lung transplant, couldn't get it under the new health care terms. The man blamed the lack of treatment on the Governor's decision to slash the budget. Jody gave up his gun after being persuaded by Tony Almeida, but Radford shot him in cold blood after receiving the pistol. Tony broke into the room thinking that Jody had committed suicide, but after finding the gun several feet away from the body, grew suspicious of Radford.

Later Tony learned from Radford's secretary that he was somehow involved in terrorist activity. After following the lead to Radford's campaign headquarters, Tony discovered a connection via a photograph between the governor, Max, and Peter Madsen. Tony followed the governor to Cherry's Diner where he was having a meeting with Max. Tony overheard their conversation and found out that Radford was complicit in the day's events because he believed that Max would help Radford become President. However, Radford believed Max's way of doing things went too far. As he told Max that he wanted out, Mandy came in and slashed his throat. Afterwards Tony had Radford's body picked up for burial.

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