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This article describes Jamey Farrell's activities before Day 1.

One Shot[edit | edit source]

Operation Hell Gate[edit | edit source]

Veto Power[edit | edit source]

Trojan Horse[edit | edit source]

Cat's Claw[edit | edit source]

Jamey was an active analyst during the events of Cat's Claw, playing a major role by helping to uncover the mole within the G8 security team and helping trace Ayman al-Libbi and the antivirus' location mere hours before President Harry Barnes, Chinese Premier Xu Boxiong and Kim Bauer fell victim to the virus.

Vanishing Point[edit | edit source]

Chaos Theory[edit | edit source]

Jamey in Day Zero

Trinity[edit | edit source]

Jamey was active with CTU from its onset, and helped Jack Bauer with the day's events.

Day Zero[edit | edit source]

During Day Zero Jamey helped Jack to transfer data from Laszlo's computer onto a flash drive before a wireless detonator destroyed Laszlo's apartment. She successfully managed to help him, and Jack escaped the apartment before the explosion.

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