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This article's subject relates to Season 8 of 24.

Jamot was a minister of the Islamic Republic of Kamistan and one of the members of President Omar Hassan's inner circle.

Day 8[edit | edit source]

Jamot was one of President Hassan's delegates to the United Nations conference during Day 8. In an informal discussion with Louis Dalton, he defended Hassan's domestic security decisions since Dalton and many others were concerned about the arrests in the Islamic Republic of Kamistan. During their discussion, Tarin Faroush interrupted and asked Jamot to come with him back to the embassy. Jamot, taken aback and realizing he was being arrested, asked to speak with Hassan, but Tarin merely informed him that he was acting on Hassan's orders. He went with Tarin without making a scene. Tarin had been sent by Hassan because Jamot's cousin was one of the traitors arrested in the IRK.

Jamot was intensely interrogated by Tarin, but admitted to no connection with the traitors. When President Hassan heard of this, he suspected that Jamot was lying and ordered Tarin to have the security forces in the IRK arrest Jamot's family. When Tarin refused, Hassan had Nabeel do it and then eventually had Tarin arrested as well. Jamot's family was to be tortured to force a confession from him.

By 8:00am, Omar Hassan was dead and Jamot had been released from interrogation. Russian Foreign Minister Mikhail Novakovich offered his condolences to Jamot, and remarked that he felt Jamot would have mixed feelings about Hassan's death. Jamot thanked him, but replied that he understood that Hassan was under extreme stress when he ordered the interrogation. Jamot met with United States President Allison Taylor and recommended Dalia Hassan succeed Omar Hasssan as President of Kamistan in order to complete the peace process. Beforehand Jamot met with the members of the Kamistani delegation and contacted the Kamistani cabinet to secure their support for Mrs. Hassan to succeed the Presidency, which he managed to obtain with a strong majority.

Jamot was present on the stage where Dalia gave her address to the crowd of reporters. He was later present with Dalia during final treaty negotiations with President Taylor. The two sides wrapped up the negotiations after 1:00pm and Taylor praised Jamot's diplomatic abilities. On their way out of the Security Council Chamber President Taylor introduced Dalia and Jamot to Former President Charles Logan, who Taylor said was instrumental in bringing the Russians back to the treaty table. As Jamot and Dalia walk to the elevator, Dalia tells Jamot that she was suspicious of Logan's involvement in the peace treaty and Jamot suggested that they deploy Kamistani intelligence to investigate Logan's involvement. Dalia told Jamot that she trusted President Taylor in bringing Logan to the peace process and ruled out further investigation.

Live appearances[edit | edit source]

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