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Jane was a news reporter in Oregon during Day 2, and in Los Angeles during Days 3 and 4.

Day 2 Edit

Jane was among the reporters assembled near the Northwest Regional Operations Complex, Oregon, to cover the arrival of President David Palmer. When Palmer suddenly returned from the fishing trip at Lake Oswego with his son, Keith, the reporters surmised that an important story was at hand. Jane was named by the President for a question, so she asked Palmer why he was back so soon. Palmer lied and amiably stated that his own wildlife conservation quota ruined his trip, as he had already caught the legal catch of fish.

Later, when the helicopter carrying Ambassador Shareef and Farhad Salim crashed, Jane was in the crowd of press reporters, and wanted to know details about the incident. Another reporter asked who was in the chopper, and if anyone survived. Palmer delayed giving out details until the victims' families were informed, and Jenny Dodge asked all of the reporters to refrain from speculation.

Day 3 Edit

Jane was present at a press conference where President Palmer made a brief statement on why he departed prematurely from presidential debates with opponent Senator John Keeler. Palmer planned on not taking any questions, but Jane asked regardless for his response to allegations that the 'national security threat' was nothing more than a ruse to avoid Keeler's challenge of Dr. Anne Packard's integrity. Palmer replied with a strong statement in support of Packard, saying that Keeler will have much to answer for.

Day 4 Edit

Following the detonation of an electromagnetic pulse bomb at the McLennen-Forster defense contractor headquarters, a blackout occurred in roughly eight square miles of LA, including the southeast quadrant of downtown. Jane made a live news report on this event, which was watched at CTU Los Angeles. She reported that preliminary statements from the LAPD indicated there was widespread looting, ransacked stores, shots fired, and possible casualties.

Live appearancesEdit

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