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Jason and Adam were two of the henchmen of Forbes and Ali at the Rockland Building during Day 4.

Day 4 Edit

Curtis Manning and two CTU agents escorted the mole Marianne Taylor to the Rockland Building to retrieve terrorist secrets from the computer of deceased Henry Powell. Before Marianne could access the files, Powell's collaborators — Forbes, Adam, and Jason — burst in. Either Adam or Jason killed Marianne with a pistol, and when Curtis did not cooperate with Forbes, he was knocked unconscious and the two henchman carried him away.

Soon after 5pm, Ali ordered Forbes to have Curtis killed. Adam and Jason were sent, and mentioned a van where the bodies of Marianne and the two agents were being hidden. They dragged Curtis towards a door. Curtis, however, surprised both men and killed them in close combat, and later helped Jack Bauer retrieve the Dobson Override device from Habib Marwan.

Background information and notes Edit

  • It was not established which of the two men was Adam and which was Jason, and neither actor is credited. The one with the handgun is stunt performer David Kilde; the man with the shotgun is stunt performer Carrick O'Quinn.

Live appearancesEdit

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