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This article's subject relates to Season 2 of 24.

Jason Park was a terrorist being tortured in Seoul during the early minutes of Day 2.

Before Day 2[]

Five days prior to Day 2, Jason Park met with terrorist Mamud Rasheed Faheen at a small airport in just outside of Lyons, France. American authorities photographed Park with Faheen. Since Faheen was supposed to have died in a suicide bombing on the West Bank sometime earlier, American analysts were surprised to see him alive. Faheen escaped but Park was apprehended, and then interrogated in Seoul.

Day 2[]

After intense torture, Park revealed to his interrogators Mina and Deng that Faheen had been for two years planning an attack on Los Angeles, to occur on that exact day. Deng reported to Colonel Graham and a cadre of waiting U.S. military officers. This information, as well as Faheen's connection to the terrorist group known as Second Wave, was finally relayed to President David Palmer by NSA official Eric Rayburn soon after Park broke.

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