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Javier Medina was a contact Alton Maxwell planned to meet with during Day 3 of The Rookie.

The Rookie[]

Alton Maxwell had an arranged meeting with Medina in Mexico City. However, Esteban Salazar, whom the meeting was to plan to bring down, interfered and his men kidnapped Alton before he could attend the meeting. Salazar was keen to discover who was betraying him to the US government, and after severe torture he confessed that Medina was the man with whom he was meeting.


The explosion goes off

Salazar sent men to Medina's house and office, but were unable to find him. At the same time, rookie agent Jason Blaine set off to find Medina. He arrived at the Plaza Santo Domingo, and set up a camera to observe Medina. He left and joined some other FBI agents in a van disguised as a food delivery truck.

Jason headed towards Medina, preparing to take him in. However, Salazar's men had arrived. Jason had expected him, and told one of the FBI agents, Ocho, to set their plan in motion. Ocho created a pipe burst, temporarily distracting Salazar's men. Jason used the opportunity to grab Medina and set off an explosion in the vicinity in the hopes of tricking Salazar's men into thinking Medina was dead. Jason took Medina back to the FBI's van and they left the scene.


Medina complies

In the truck, Medina questions Jason's rights to take him captive. Jason ignores him, demanding to know where Salazar is, but Medina adamantly insists that he does not know, and that he works for the people of Mexico. Jason plays a recording of Medina and Alton Maxwell, proving that they were planning to meet so that Maxwell could track down Salazar. Medina insists that he does not know, that Salazar could be anywhere. Jason tells Ocho to stop the van, explaining to Medina that if he does not know where Salazar is he is no good to them, and Salazar is tracking, and planning to kill Medina anyway. He explains that if Alton is killed, Medina will be tried by his government. Jason demands to know where Salazar is one last time, but Medina again claims not to know. Just as Jason is about to throw him out, Medina says that he will tell where Salazar is if he gets full immunity and a house. Medina begins to write down Salazar's location as Jason instructs Ocho to go to his car, several blocks away. He tells Ocho that if anything happens to him or Alton, that he should kill Medina.

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