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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

Jeff Benson was a corrections officer at the Downey Holding Facility, and prison guard for drug lord inmate Ramon Salazar, prior to and during Day 3.

Day 3[]

Benson's son was secretly taken hostage by Salazar's allies and was promised his freedom only if Benson murdered the attorney Luis Annicon. After 3pm, Benson reluctantly lured in Annicon, saying Salazar was ready to talk. When Annicon went into the cell, Ramon distracted him for a few seconds, allowing Benson to kill Annicon with his club. Benson was told by Salazar that his son would be returned.

CTU Director Tony Almeida later mentioned that when Benson was arrested, he confessed what had happened and described why he did it.

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