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Jeff Breeher was a field agent with CTU Los Angeles during the events of Day 1.

Day 1[]

During the events of Day 1, Jack Bauer's wife and daughter were kidnapped. After they were rescued, they were brought to a medical clinic to receive care. When Nina Myers felt their safety wasn't secure enough at the clinic, she received permission from Alberta Green to move them to the CTU safe house at 23033 Pine Canyon. Jeff Breeher and Ted Paulson were the agents assigned to guard and protect the safehouse.

When Nina arrived at the safehouse, she told Teri and Kim that Jack worked with Jeff and Ted for several years. Nina ordered for one guard to come inside and for one to stay outside. Jeff went inside and it was later learned that the Teri and Kim were targets of the Drazen family. Paulson joined Jeff inside and a back-up tactical unit was sent to the house. While Paulson interrogated Kim and Teri on what happened at Ira Gaines' compound, Jeff continued to stand guard. He was then shot in the neck by Jovan Myovic, killing him instantly.

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