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Jeffrey David Cadiente is a stunt performer who worked as a stunt coordinator on 24, 24: Redemption, and the web spinoff, The Rookie. After Season 4, Cadiente replaced Matt Taylor as primary stunt coordinator and remained as such until Season 8. In addition to his stunt co-ordinating, Cadiente appeared on the show in brief roles on several occassions.


Cadiente was a friend and personal stunt double for martial artist Brandon Lee, who was accidentally shot and killed while filming a scene with Michael Massee for The Crow (1994). After Lee's death, Cadiente performed the rest of his scenes; Lee's face was superimposed over his in post-production. This film also starred Spencer Garrett and Tony Todd.

A longtime veteran of the film industry, Cadiente performed stunts and coordination for numerous films, including Stephen Hopkins' Predator 2 (1990), Batman Returns (1992), Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993, with Michael Cudlitz, Eric Bruskotter, John Lacy, and Sterling Macer, Jr.), Fair Game (1995, with Jenette Goldstein and Scott Michael Campbell), Phenomenon (1996, with Richard Gross and Kamala Lopez-Dawson), Con Air (1997, with Ned Bellamy, Powers Boothe, Jesse Borrego, Nick Chinlund, Carl Ciarfalio, Greg Collins, Dylan Haggerty, Doug Hutchison, Mykelti Williamson, and Jose Zuniga), xXx (2002, with Tom Everett and Chris Gann), and First Daughter (2004, with Adam Donshik, Maria Quiban, and Andy Umberger). He has also coordinated and performed in numerous action thrillers starring the likes of Lou Diamond Phillips, Joe Lara and Henry Kingi, Sr.

His television work includes the pilot for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000, with Susan Gibney and John Pyper-Ferguson), Angel (2003, starring T.J. Thyne and written by David Fury), Sleeper Cell (2005, with Jalil Jay Lynch, Ron Yuan, Al Faris, Carlos Gomez, and Henri Lubatti), Lie to Me (2009, with Anthony Azizi, Erin Pickett, Richard Schimmelpfenneg, and Bernard White), and Peter Lenkov's Hawaii Five-0 reimagining (2010, starring Louis Lombardi, Daniel Dae Kim, and Jean Smart; directed by Brad Turner).

Cadiente portrayed several uncredited stunt and background roles in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, including doubling for Alexander Siddig, and Star Trek: Voyager, many episodes of which were written and produced by Brannon Braga.

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Cadiente started working on 24 during Season 1 as a stunt coordinator. During Season 4, he replaced Matt Taylor as primary stunt coordinator and remained as such until Season 8. Cadiente also served as stunt coordinator for 24: Redemption, and the web spinoff, The Rookie.

In addition to his stunt co-ordinating, Cadiente appeared on the show several times:

  • In "Day 4: 10:00pm-11:00pm", he played a sentry in Marwan's warehouse. He was standing guard when CTU drove through the doors of the building, and fired shots at the agents while retreating. His character then made it back to the computer area, where he was the last man shot by Jack Bauer.
  • In "Day 6: 6:00am-7:00am", he played a car driver who was driving past a metro bus when it was blown up. He screeched to a halt at the intersection.

For his work on 24, Cadiente received two Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Stunt Coordination in 2006 and 2007, and won a shared Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series in 2007 and 2009.

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