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Jeff Mygatt is a director of photography for 24.

Biography and career Edit

Jeffrey Mygatt attended Nether Providence High School in Wallingford, Pennsylvania graduating in 1980. After that, he studied at California State University, where he completed a Bachelor's degree on Film.

Mygatt started his career in film working mostly as a camera operator, key grip, and gaffer. During the 1990s, he started working as a cinematographer on TV shows like Renegade and Martial Law. After his time on 24, he worked on Terra Nova (along with executive producers Jon Cassar and Brannon Braga). He also worked on Kiefer Sutherland's shows Touch and Designated Survivor.

24 credits Edit

Additional photography Edit

Mygatt has provided additional photography for 24 since Season 3.


Mygatt during filming

Director of photography Edit

Mygatt assisted Rodney Charters as Director of Photography from Season 4-6. He subsequently took over as the main Director of Photography for 24: Live Another Day. He returned as Director of Photography for 24: Legacy.

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