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Jenkins was a New York Port Authority officer guarding the George Washington Bridge during Day 10.

While on duty on the bridge's booth, Jenkins received a call from CTU National Director Keith Mullins and warned him that a box truck carrying bombs is on the way to the bridge from the New Jersey side, driven by Amira Dudayev. He warned Jenkins to closed off the bridge and stop the truck. As Jenkins got out of the toll booth, he scanned the west side of the bridge for the truck from the east part of it. Then he spotted the truck and went over the concrete barrier to stop it. As the two cars veered away from him, Jenkins fired at the windshield of the truck, the truck came to the stop. He called Mullins and let him know he stopped the truck. Jenkins told the bystanders nearby to get out of the bridge as he searched around the truck. He spotted Amira, apparently dead from gunshot wounds. He looked at the back and told Mullins that they are barrels in the truck that are wired to a detonator. Mullins asked Jenkins if he seen the trigger. As Jenkins spotted the trigger and went to check on it, Amira, who was not dead, grabbed his wrist and pressed the trigger. As Jenkins screamed in horror, the bomb exploded, incinerating Jenkins and destroying the middle part of the bridge which killed around a hundred people. ("Day 10: 5:00pm-6:00pm")

Background information and notes Edit

  • In the original script, Jenkins thinks Mullins is his friend Billy playing a joke on him. Mullins proves his authenticity by reciting facts about Jenkins, naming his wife, Marie, and mentioning that Jenkins's son died a year ago.

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