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Jerry was a friend of the Palmer family during Day 1. He had a wife, Beth, and at least two daughters.

At 5:30pm, Jerry was talking to Sherry Palmer on the telephone when Patty Brooks hid the tape that David Palmer had given her. They discussed the senator's victory in the New York primary, and Sherry said she had earlier mentioned to Chris that they would be making a campaign stop in Baltimore. After Patty left the side room, Sherry hurriedly made an excuse to end the conversation with Jerry so she could destroy the tape.

When Sherry opened the safe to retrieve the tape, Patty Brooks entered the room and told her that Jerry was on the line. Sherry told Patty that she was busy would call him back. Sherry then destroyed the tape, which turned out to be a decoy. ("Day 1: 5:00pm-6:00pm")

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