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Jerry Drake was a United States Marine Corps sergeant working at the White House during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

When Jack Bauer was torturing Senator Blaine Mayer's Chief of Staff Ryan Burnett in a locked room of the White House, President Allison Taylor called him on the intercom and urged him to stop despite Jack's insistence on Burnett having information on Benjamin Juma's imminent attack. Angered, Jack used a taser on the phone and kept on interrogating Burnett. A squad of Marines, led by Sergeant Drake, prepared to stop him on the orders of the President. The marines planted charges on the door, and Drake informed President Taylor that the door bomb was ready. When given the order, he burst into the room with the other Marines. He called for an EMT upon seeing Burnett's distressed state. ("6:00pm-7:00pm")

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