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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

Jerry Whitehorn was President David Palmer's Press Secretary during Day 3.

Day 3[]

Jerry informed the President that explaining his departure from the Presidential debates was an issue more easily dealt with than his relationship with Dr. Anne Packard, whose integrity was challenged by Senator John Keeler on national television. Wayne Palmer agreed with Jerry, and the President was advised to distance himself from Dr. Packard.

He introduced the President during his brief statement to the press concerning his withdrawal from the Presidential debates. Jerry spoke with the President a few times concerning press matters.

At about 6:33am, Jerry notified President Palmer that news of an incident at the Chandler Plaza Hotel reached at least one member of the press. He wanted to be able to answer the questions that would be coming his way soon, so Wayne told him the truth about the Cordilla virus. Jerry was left to deal with the press until the threat was contained, and only then did Palmer want him to inform the public. Later, in a no-camera meeting with the press and the President, Jerry tried to deflect a hostile question from Carol, one of the reporters, but Palmer intervened and addressed her issue. Afterward the President asked Jerry to leave while he and Wayne were watching a news interview of Senator John Keeler.

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