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Jessi Bandison was an intelligence analyst working at CTU Los Angeles.

Veto Power[]

In Veto Power, Kelly Sharpton told Jessi to hack into Attorney General James Quincy's computer in order to remove photos of Senator Debrah Drexler against protocol. Jessi regretfully later turned in Sharpton to Ryan Chappelle. She showed regret when Sharpton was reinstated.

Cat's Claw[]

Bandison provided technical support and gathered intel during Cat's Claw. She uncovered evidence about Marcus Lee from Anastasia Oldova, a source in Russian intelligence given to her by Kelly Sharpton, her ex-boss whom she harboured feelings for. Before she went to meet with Oldova, she contacted Sharpton about what was going to happen. As she met with her at the Cat and Fiddle Pub, she was told to trade some information on the whereabouts of stolen weapons. When she couldn't, she was about to be escorted out by an associate of Oldova, until Jack Bauer intervened. They were subsequently attacked outside by members of the ETIM. Jessi and Jack both survived the encounter largely due to the intervention of Sharpton.

When she received news of Sharpton's death during a firefight at Nurmamet Tuman's residence across from the Vanderbilt Complex, she shut down rapidly, and even tried to leave during the middle of the night, unable to work without mourning him. Jamey Farrell however, convinced her to stay. Towards 5:00 a.m., she helped Jack capture Ayman al-Libbi at LAX airport.

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