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For the script coordinator, see Jessica Abrams.

Jessica Abrams was a former high school classmate of Jack Bauer and press assistant for the Committee to Elect David Palmer.

Jessica attended David Palmer's breakfast rally on the morning of the California primary. There, she met an assassin who was disguised as Martin Belkin, and, believing he was the respected photographer, spoke with him for a moment.

She spotted Jack Bauer at the breakfast and was eager to catch up with him. She asked if Jack still raced motorcycles, but Ira Gaines had Jack under duress and forced him to move away from her. When they later met again, she mentioned that she had heard from Tracy Zigler that he had gotten a divorce. Jack confirmed that he and Teri had separated, but were now back together. Jack made conversation with her and pulled out a notepad in an attempt to write her a note telling her to get Palmer out of the building, but before he could finish the note, one of Gaines' men pushed her out of the way. ("Day 1: 7:00am-8:00am")

After the events of Super Tuesday became publicly known, Abrams gave interviews about her former classmate and recounted running into him at the Senator's breakfast. She also expressed concern for Jack's well-being since his wife's death and wondered if he still lived in the area. (Findings at CTU)

Background information and notes Edit

  • The character was named after the show's script coordinator, Jessica Abrams.

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