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Jiao Sim was an official at the Chinese Embassy in London during Day 9.

Before Day 9Edit

Jiao Sim's father was a member of the Politburo of China. About a year before Day 9, Jiao Sim met Audrey Boudreau while working on a trade agreement in Beijing.

Day 9Edit

During Day 9, Audrey arranged a meeting with Jiao Sim at a London park at almost 10:00pm. At the meeting, Audrey tried to convince Jiao that the attack on the Chinese carrier Shenyang was executed by Cheng Zhi. Although Jiao was reluctant to believe that Cheng was alive, Audrey offered to provide evidence that she could take to her father to stop a Chinese retaliation against the US. Jiao agreed but as she was about to walk away, she was shot by Cheng's men.

As Cheng and his sniper held Audrey hostage in the bench, Jiao started gasping and reaching for help. When Audrey noticed she was still alive, she tried to help her. However, Cheng called her and ordered her to sit again. As Audrey hesitated, Cheng's sniper shot Jiao again, killing her.

Background information and notesEdit

  • The name "Jiao Sim" was westernized. The correct spelling of the name in standard mandarin pinyin should be "Xing Jiao".

Live appearances Edit

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