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Sergeant Jim Koernig was an NYPD officer scheduled to be on duty near the United Nations on Day 8. He was Maggie Koernig's husband and they lived at 11447 Broadway in Queens, New York.

Day 8 Edit

In the early hours of Day 8, Jim's wife Maggie greeted a man whom she knew as "Mike Farmer", another NYPD officer, at their home. Mike (actually the Russian hitman Davros in disguise) asked to speak with Jim and chatted with Maggie for a time. Eventually, Davros dropped his New York accent and held Jim and Maggie at gunpoint. Though Jim resisted, he gave up his shift outside the United Nations and lied to the police captain telling him he was sick and requested that "Mike Farmer" fill in for him. Davros then murdered Maggie and Jim. Their bodies were discovered by Jack Bauer.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Joe Nieves also appeared as a teenager during Day 1.
  • Considering the fact that 15 years have passed in-universe, it is possible that Teenager #2 and Jim Koernig are the same person.

Live appearancesEdit

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