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Jim Kuhoric was a member of Morningside Dawn. He had no criminal record. However, he did not return his videos to Blockbuster on time.

Midnight Sun[]

Around 6:35pm, Kuhoric went with Jack Bauer and Trinetta Anderson to blow up a bulldozer. Kuhoric did not trust Jack and complained about his involvement with the group every time they had to work together.

After Trinetta and Jack's tryst in Jack's hotel room, Kuhoric followed him with a knife. Jack easily outmaneuvered him. Trinetta later implied that she had slept with Kuhoric in the past, and he was just jealous of Jack.

Kuhoric was part of the team going to sabotage McGuckin Petroleum's experimental oil rig. There, he set up to snipe a security guard, but Jack revealed that he was a federal officer and ordered him to drop the weapon. When Kuhoric instead turned the gun on Jack, Jack shot him.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Jim Kuhoric: (last words) Golden boy is a fed? That's just rich.

Live appearances[]