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Jody took Californian Governor James Radford hostage during the day of The Game.

The Game[]

Jody took advantage of the earthquake in Los Angeles to take Governor Radford hostage. Tony Almeida pursued Jody to a nightclub where he tried to talk Jody out of what he was doing. Jody held the governor hostage, telling Tony that Zack, Jody's son, had a disease of the lungs, that rendered them unable to function properly. Jody also explained that thanks to Radford, he had no health benefits and without those benefits, Zack could not receive medical treatment.

Tony eventually talked Jody into letting the governor go. Jody surrendered the gun, and gave it to the governor only to have Radford shoot and kill him. Tony heard the gunshot and kicked the door open. He saw Jody's dead body and the gun several feet away, which made him suspicious of the governor.

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