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Joseph "Joe" Prado was the man who Yosik Khatami went to for help to get out of America during Day 4.

Before Day 4 Edit

Prado served in the United States Marine Corps. He had neither a criminal record nor any record of employment during the five years before Day 4.

Day 4 Edit

After he accidentally used a credit card that would enable CTU to find him, Yosik called Habib Marwan, who told him to go to Prado for help. They met at a pier on the Marina del Rey, but CTU tracked Yosik and surrounded them. Over the phone, Marwan told Yosik to kill Prado, but Prado killed him first and then turned himself in to CTU, insisting that he killed Yosik in self-defense. Marwan heard all of this over the phone, and called Amnesty Global, telling them that an innocent man was about to be tortured at CTU.

Prado insisted that he knew nothing, and was shocked when Curtis Manning and Eric Richards were about to torture him. Before they could begin, David Weiss from Amnesty Global showed up with a signed court order protecting Prado, and ordered them to halt the interrogation. When Jack Bauer arrived at CTU and learned about this, he questioned how Prado got a lawyer so quickly after being captured. He and Bill Buchanan called President Charles Logan, who refused to allow CTU to torture Prado without his getting advice from the Justice Department first. Knowing they were running out of time to find the missing nuclear warhead, Jack and Bill formulated a plan where Jack would resign and then Bill would set Prado free, allowing Jack to interrogate Prado as a private citizen.

Prado was initially skeptical when he was being released, but Curtis threatened to arrest him for trespassing, and Prado left with a federal marshal. Once Weiss left them, Jack knocked out the marshal and handcuffed Prado to the dashboard of a car. Prado feigned ignorance at first, but Jack broke some of his fingers—and threatened much worse—before Prado finally admitted where Marwan would be: a nightclub called The Hub. Jack then knocked him out and he was then taken back inside CTU to be treated for his hand and head injuries.

Background information and notesEdit

  • It is unconfirmed if Prado was arrested or faced any later punishment for his crimes.

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