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This article's subject relates to Season 7 of 24.

Joe Stevens served as the Secretary of State in the Cabinet of President Allison Taylor during Day 7.

Day 7[edit | edit source]

At a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary Stevens expressed his hesitation at the prospect of committing the American military in the civil war in Sangala. President Taylor, already waiting for his post-invasion report, immediately said that the debate was over, and that if he did not support her completely, she would find a Secretary of State who would. After his presentation, he asked if America should intervene when Ule Matobo's forces inevitably capture Benjamin Juma and threaten him with death without trial. She emphasized the importance of maintaining order on the streets in Sangala, and said she'd secure a promise from Matobo himself in her upcoming meeting. Impressed with Joe's work, she apologized to him for dressing him down in front of the Joint Chiefs but also reminded him that she needed his loyalty. He assured her that he would ignore his doubts.

He also showed President Taylor the recording that Iké Dubaku had provided the State Department. On the recording was Dubaku's demands that the U.S. pull out of Sangala or risk American deaths. Stevens said that the voice print was an 89% match and that it was indeed Dubaku's voice.

After an attack by Dubaku, causing the destruction of two airliners and over 200 civilians, Stevens became an outspoken critic of President Taylor's policies towards the terrorists within the country. Because of that, Stevens felt he was forced to resign his position of Secretary of State.

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