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Joel Surnow is the co-creator of (with Robert Cochran) and a former executive producer and writer on 24. His cousin is fellow 24 writer-producer Michael Loceff.

He previously worked with Loceff, Brad Turner and Robert Cochran as the executive producer of La Femme Nikita and a writer of The Commish. Surnow has also worked as a staff writer for other popular series such as The Equalizer, Miami Vice, Nowhere Man, and Wiseguy. He was a writer on Special Unit 2 where he worked with Evan Katz, the creator of that show.

On February 13, 2008, Surnow announced that he planned to resign his position as producer of 24 to pursue other projects. While Surnow was creatively involved in the production of the first eight episodes of Season 7 produced before the WGA strike, he had no involvement in the remaining sixteen.

24-related appearances

Day 4 production Surnow Callery Cassar Kiefer

Joe Surnow with Jon Cassar and Kiefer Sutherland

24 credits

Day 3 Surnow and Gordon discuss

Surnow and Howard Gordon discuss the outcome of Day 3.




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