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Johan was the driver and bodyguard of Martin Webb, Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve.

Johan drove Webb to the Staples Center to watch the Profession Reality Fighting Championship, in which Webb's grandson Jake would be fighting against former champion Mark Kendall. As they arrived, Johan commented that the traffic was especially bad that evening.

Inside the arena, Webb was approached by CTU agent Jack Bauer, who warned him that he had reason to believe the Chairman's life was in danger. Johan confirmed Jack's credentials, but Webb insisted on remaining, saying that between the two of them and the police nearby he would be safe.

After Kendall defeated Webb in the match, Zapata's plan - which had hinged on Kendall agreeing to kill Webb in exchange for covering his daughter's medical costs - was ruined, and he angrily went to retrieve a machine pistol hidden outside. He attempted to kill Webb himself, but Johan saw him draw the weapon and jumped in the way to shield Webb, taking three bullets in his chest. (Chaos Theory)

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