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John was a sanitation worker on duty during Day 6.

Day 6Edit

The terrorist mastermind Abu Fayed, who was responsible for an 11-week series of suicide bombings and the nuclear explosion in Valencia, was captured by CTU Los Angeles. Agents Bauer and Doyle interrogated Fayed for the location of the rest of the suitcase nukes, but couldn't get anything. So they decided to use a ruse by having undercover CTU agents Halim, Talit and Jamal Nasawa posing as a terrorist cell loyal to General Mohmar Habib, a co-conspirator, to rescue him from an ambush. CTU agents attempted to trick Fayed into leading them to the location of the nukes, but Fayed was still suspicious and wouldn't reveal anything before he heard from General Habib.

President Wayne Palmer forced the ambassador from Fayed's country to get his countrymen to threaten the general's family, and Habib contacted Fayed, assuring him that Jamal's story was true and told him to lead them to Fayed's hideout, but not before covertly alerting him that he was under duress.

Fayed realized that the men with him were in fact CTU agents, and took the chance to escape when the transport entered the tunnel by killing Halim and Talit and seriously injuring Jamal. Fayed then sneaked into a door nearby and discovered John with his garbage truck. Fayed shot John in the head and took his keys and cellphone to contact his lieutenant Halil, telling him he was coming back. Jack, who was following Fayed, realized that this was their best chance to find the nukes, and hid himself benneth the truck. Jack soon killed all of Fayed's henchmen and Fayed himself after they arrived at Fayed's safe house, securing the rest of the bombs.

Background information and notesEdit

  • John's name can be seen on his overalls.

Live appearances Edit

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