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John Billingsley (born May 20, 1960; age 61) played Michael Latham during Season 7 of 24. He is best known for playing Dr. Phlox on Star Trek: Enterprise.

Biography and career[]

John Billingsley was born in Media, Pennsylvania. His family moved to Huntsville, Alabama and Slidell, Louisiana before settling in Weston, Connecticut. Billingsley attended Bennington College in Vermont, where he graduated in 1982.

Billingsley started his acting career in 1988, when he appeared in the film Seven Hours to Judgement. After that, he has appeared in films like Born to be Wild (with Gregory Itzin), Jimmy Zip (with Chris Mulkey), The Glass House (with Carly Pope), High Crimes (with Jude Ciccolella and Michael Gaston), Lessons for an Assassin (with Nicholas Guest), The Nickel Children (with Tom Sizemore), The Last Word (with Ivar Brogger), and Red Line (with Kevin Sizemore).

Some of his most notable roles in feature films were as Denzel Washington's medical examiner friend in the 2003 thriller Out of Time (with Alex Carter), and as Professor West in the disaster blockbuster 2012 (also with Patrick Bauchau). He also starred with Tony Todd in 2007's The Man from Earth.

Despite his many film roles, Billingsley is more known for his performance as Dr. Phlox in the show Star Trek: Enterprise, where he co-starred with Connor Trinneer. He also had a recurring role as coroner Mike Spencer on True Blood (with Kevin Alejandro). In addition, Billingsley played a lead role on the short-lived drama The Nine, which also featured Lourdes Benedicto, Kim Raver, Jamie McShane, Michael O'Neill, Zach Grenier and JoBeth Williams.

Billingsley currently resides in Los Angeles, California, with his wife, actress Bonita Friedericy.

24 credits[]

Selected filmography[]

  • Unbelievable!!!!! (2020)
  • 20th Century Women (2016)
  • Red Line (2013)
  • Sironia (2011)
  • 2012 (2009)
  • The Man from Earth (2007)
  • 12 Dogs of Christmas (2005)
  • Out of Time (2003)
  • White Oleander (2002)
  • High Crimes (2002)
  • The Glass House (2001)
  • Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001)
  • Born to Be Wild (1995)
  • I Love You To Death (1990)

Television appearances

  • Station 19 (2021)
  • The Orville (2019)
  • Stitchers (2016-2017)
  • TURN: Washington's Spies (2015)
  • The Bridge (2014)
  • True Blood (2008-2012)
  • Leverage (2010)
  • 24 (2009)
  • Without a Trace (2008)
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2007)
  • The Nine (2006-2007)
  • NCIS (2007)
  • Prison Break (2006)
  • CSI: NY (2006)
  • Cold Case (2004-2005)
  • Angel (2003)
  • Stargate SG-1 (2002)
  • Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-2005)
  • NYPD Blue (1997, 2002)
  • Six Feet Under (2001)
  • The West Wing (2001)
  • The X-Files (1999)
  • Profiler (1998)
  • The Practice (1998)

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