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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

Major John J. Blanchard was a United States Marine Corps officer that Ryan Chappelle spoke to regarding shooting down a helicopter during Day 3.

Day 3[]

Blanchard and Chappelle discuss firing on Jack's chopper

After Jack Bauer broke Ramon Salazar out of prison, the two escaped in a helicopter that Jack piloted towards downtown Los Angeles. Chappelle, who had taken control of CTU Los Angeles during Tony Almeida's absence, called Major Blanchard and ordered him to have Jack and Ramon's helicopter shot down before it reached the downtown area.

Chase Edmunds approached Chappelle and encouraged him to discuss the issue with President David Palmer before shooting the chopper down. Chappelle reconsidered his decision and instructed Major Blanchard to stand down. As Chappelle waited to hear back from President Palmer, Major Blanchard informed him that the military helicopters had locked on to Jack's chopper and were awaiting orders to fire.

President Palmer was insistent that he could not order Jack's helicopter shot down, but his brother, Wayne Palmer, advised him to think of the country's best interest. President Palmer reluctantly called Chappelle and told him to proceed. Chappelle contacted Major Blanchard and gave him the go-ahead to shoot down the helicopter, but, the chopper was already flying over the city of LA. Blanchard was forced to call off the military helicopters, and Jack and Ramon landed on a street corner and disappeared into the subway.

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