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John Brunner was the plant manager for the Boyd Chemical Plant located in Kidron, Ohio.

Day 7 Edit

FBI agent Janis Gold called the plant to inform them that it was targeted for a terrorist attack by Iké Dubaku. Brunner took the call, and soon found out that they could not close down the methyl isocyanate cylinders. Later, after exhausting all other options, Brunner left to release the gas manually into the primary tank room he had entered to buy more time. The rescue team arrived to find Brunner deceased. Agent Gold was troubled by his death and mentioned that she would personally notify Brunner's family about his bravery.

7x07 6

Brunner, succumbing to the poison while Janis speaks

Background information and notes Edit

  • Brunner bears resemblance to Derek Rosner in Day 4. Both men were in charge of the facilities targeted by terrorists and ultimately gave their lives to prevent total catastrophe.

Live appearancesEdit

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