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John William Carruth was the scheduled Secret Service co-pilot with Bryce Wolffson for the helicopter that was to carry President Charles Logan to the sendoff for the deceased David Palmer.

Before Day 5[]

A week before Day 5, Carruth had an error in his assignment package. It was later corrected.

Day 5[]

Carruth was recalled from the helicopter flight by Agent Steve Thompson due to interference from Mike Novick and Chloe O'Brian, and, when he returned to the Secret Service outbuilding to find out why, he was distracted by Aaron Pierce and knocked out by Jack Bauer. Bauer then took Carruth's place on the flight using two forged documents.

Background information and notes[]

Wolffson CaruthFILE

Flight detail showing conflicting first name

  • Carruth is addressed by Aaron Pierce as John, but on the flight detail as provided by Mike Novick, Carruth's first name is Sterling.
  • In a deleted scene from Day 5, a more detailed file of Carruth was shown: he is 6'0", weighs 190 pounds, graduated with a High School degree and Bachelor of Science, and spoke only English.
  • In the script for the episode, the character's full name is John William Carruth.

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