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This article's subject relates to Season 2 of 24.

John Mason was the son of CTU Director George Mason and his wife, Carol.

Day 2[]

On Day 2, John was working at a drinks stand in a park. His father George called him and asked him to come to CTU Los Angeles. It had been years since they spoke, so John argued and hung up.

George then sent LAPD Officer Ken Williams to arrest John and bring him in. John was angered at this, but then disconcerted when his father gave him access to a secret bank account. He became very upset when George finally told him that he was dying - John guessed that it was cancer, and George told him it was something along those lines. George then told him to take the money and leave Los Angeles, to stay with his mother in Phoenix so he would be safe from the nuclear threat.

Background information and notes[]

  • John's phone number was 655-972.

Live appearances[]