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Wiki 24 interviewed John Massari.
"When you mix and create music you want it to translate to all sorts of media. I treated this particular score as if it was gonna be on television or the big screen."
John Massari on how he approached the score for the mobile series 24: Conspiracy

Giovanni "John" Massari (born March 25, 1957; age 64) is a film and television composer. He was in charge of composing the score for 24: Conspiracy.

Biography and career[]

Giovanni "John" Massari was born in New York City, but moved to Los Angeles when he was 6 years old. Impressed by the music of what was his first theatrical movie experience, Massari began experimenting in music. He initially trained with piano, trumpet, and contra bass. He also performed in student orchestras and rock bands during high school.

Massari later studied musical composition at Chapman University, and then attended UCLA where he studied composition and orchestration. During his time in UCLA, he was awarded the Frank Sinatra Music Award for Composition. He also continued private studies in composition with Leonard Stein at the University of Souther California (USC).

Massari began working professionally as a composer in the 70s, working for films, television, and commercials. Through his career, Massari has worked in films like Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Kickboxer 5, The Cell 2, and others. He also created the Wonderful World of Disney Theme and the Emmy-nominated score for The Ray Bradbury Theater.

Currently, Massari works for Hans Zimmer's production music company, Extreme Music/Sony ATV, composing scores for TV, radio, feature films and the web.

Role on 24[]

In 2005, Massari was working with Eric Neal Young at Sparkhill Productions. The company, which specialized in documentaries and bonus features for DVDs, was commissioned to create the 24: Conspiracy series, along with similar series for TV shows like Bones and Prison Break. Since Massari was the company's in-house music director and composer, he was in charge of creating the score.

In an interview with Wiki 24, Massari said he didn't want to copy Sean Callery's sound, but rather understand "the overall color and feel of the series" while giving it his personality. He used a variety of mallet instruments like marimbas and vibraphones, digitally enhanced to sound as if they were played with a bow.


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