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Joost Janssen is an actor and stuntman who played a U.S. Army Ranger during The Raid, a prequel to 24: Legacy. He has also served as a military adviser for several films and TV shows.

Biography and career Edit

Janssen enlisted in the Navy when he was 22 years old, after losing his wife in a car accident.[1] He became a Navy SEAL and served over 12 years. After completing his service, Janssen returned to civilian life, but shortly after joined a government agency where he worked for five years performing special operations. Since 1998, Janssen has been deployed in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Korea, Vietnam, Palestine, and others.

After leaving special operations, Janssen has started working in Hollywood as a trainer, military adviser, stunt performer, and actor. He has worked on films like 13 Hours (with James Badge Dale and Max Martini), American Assassin (with Navid Negahban), and RED (with Lex D. Geddings), among others.

24 credits Edit

Selected filmography Edit

  • American Assassin (2017)
  • 13 Hours (2016)
  • RED (2010)
  • Hancock (2008)

Television appearances

  • Jack Ryan (2018)

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