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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.

Jorge Ramirez was a CTU agent who worked at the District office in Los Angeles.

Day 6 Debrief[edit | edit source]

In the hours after the end of Day 6, Ramirez was assigned to oversee the interrogation of captured Chinese agent Cheng Zhi at District Command. Cheng misled Ramirez into believing that Jack Bauer had given up the location of Marcus Holt, a CTU operative inside China, during his imprisonment. He also provided a list of the many drugs he himself had administered during Jack's torture, including sylobene-pentothal.

At 9:00pm, Ramirez arrived with Agent Moss at Jack Bauer's hotel room and knocked on the door. Surprised that he had been able to locate Jack so easily, Ramirez explained that he and Moss needed to escort him to District so that he could be properly debriefed on his recovery of Abu Fayed's suitcase nukes. Reluctantly, Jack agreed to go with them.

At 9:43pm, Ramirez began to interrogate Jack, not about the nuclear weapons, but instead about his imprisonment in China. Ramirez explains that CTU's most valuable asset in China, Marcus Holt, was killed two months after Jack was taken, and that District believes Jack gave him up to his interrogators. Furious, Jack swears that he never broke under Cheng Zhi's torture, but Ramirez simply tells him to search his memory, and leaves Jack's cell. Soon after, he authorized Rick Burke to continue the interrogation with a medical package.

Ramirez talks to Jack Bauer

Ramirez and Burke returned to Jack. When Jack told them to confirm with Cheng that he never talked, they explained that it was Cheng who claimed that he did (despite the fact that Cheng clearly stated otherwise when he turned over Jack at the start of Day 6). The Chinese agent claimed to have injected Jack with cylobine-pentothal and other drugs over a long period, giving the interrogators cause to suspect that Jack gave up Holt's identity. Ramirez gave Jack a final opportunity to confess before ordering Burke to carry out the interrogation. Unknown to him, however, Agent Ryan had given Jack the key to his handcuffs while restraining him to his chair, and Jack took the opportunity to take Burke hostage, threatening to break his neck. Jack ultimately let him go, but not before convincing Ramirez that Jack was indeed telling the truth. As Jack left, he took a moment to whisper to Ramirez that he would be a dead man the next time Jack met him.

Background information and notes[edit | edit source]

  • As of Day 6, Ramirez's District ID was 7227JQL.

Live appearances[edit | edit source]

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