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Jose was a thug working for Esteban Salazar during Day 3 of The Rookie.

The Rookie[]

Jose was sent out with Manuel to find Javier Medina after it was revealed that he had betrayed Esteban Salazar by agreeing to give information on him to the US government. They were unable to find him at his home or workplace, but after receiving a tip from Eric Myers, a mole inside the FBI, they discovered that he was at the Plaza Santo Domingo. Jose was informed of this, and set out with Manuel to find him.

Arriving at the Plaza, Jose and Manuel soon spotted Medina. However, Jason Blaine had spotted them, and told his FBI team to begin their plan. A water pipe blew, temporarily distracting Jose and Manuel. In that time, Jason got to Medina and set off an explosion. Confusing Jose and Manuel, Jason managed to get Medina away before they realized what had happened. They looked around, baffled, as the explosion subsided and Medina was nowhere to be seen.


Jose's dead body

The thugs returned to Salazar's compound and explained that they presumed Medina dead after the explosion. Esteban seemed more skeptical, and his cynicism was enhanced when he found one of his thugs locked in the room previously occupied by Alton Maxwell, whom Esteban had captive and now had managed to escape.

Jose ran off with Esteban and his other thugs to find Alton. On the roof, Jose attempted to sneak up on Blaine, who had infiltrated the building. Jose was unintentionally gunned down by Salazar, who fired blindly into a stream of venting steam that blocked his line of sight to Jose.

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