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This article's subject relates to Season 8 of 24.

Josef Bazhaev was the son of Russian Red Square crime boss Sergei Bazhaev and Anna Ivanovna, and the older brother of Oleg Bazhaev. He and his father's group were active in the United States during Day 8.

Day 8[]

Josef was present at his father's restaurant when Farhad Hassan came to offer to buy nuclear rods in the possession of Red Square for his co-conspirators. In order to prove they were real, Sergei showed them his son, who had been exposed to radiation poisoning and dying as a result of it. Later, he was told by his father to end his brother's suffering and have him killed.

He convinced his father to take his brother to a countryhouse to be looked after. However, unwilling to see his brother die, he took him to a specialist doctor, who he held at gunpoint and forced to aid Oleg in recovering. The doctor gave him possible treatment, and said that if done properly, Oleg would be cured in 7-10 days. When Josef did not answer his father's phone calls Sergei became suspicious. His men then raided the clinic, killed the doctor and took both Josef and Oleg back to the restaurant. When Josef tried to defy Sergei, he slapped Josef across the face repeatedly, and brought out his firearm threatening to kill him. Instead, he turned his gun on Oleg and shot him twice, killing him. He then told Josef to never again disobey his orders.

When his father informed him of another potential buyer being interrogated downstairs, he was asked to accompany him to tell Farhad the news. When Farhad got heated by this, Josef held him at gunpoint. Sergei asked Farhad to leave for the shipyard to rendezvous with his men, and Josef was asked to escort him there. However, Josef decided to turn on his father, and ended up diverting towards the location of the rods, where he killed Luka and Anton. He transferred the rods into his van, and left the cross necklace that had belonged to Oleg hanging inside the truck as a clear signal that he was the one who betrayed his father. He got a call from Farhad soon after, and was told to bring the rods to them for payment.

Just after midnight, Josef arrived at a street near Flushing Meadows Park to meet with Farhad and Samir Mehran. As he got out of the van, he got a call from Sergei who pleaded for him to surrender. After convincing Josef that he had arranged for immunity for them, he reluctantly agreed to bring in the rods. However, as Josef turned to depart, Samir killed him with a sniper rifle, and he and Farhad's group secured the rods for themselves. Josef's father, still on the other end of the phone line, was left in shock.

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