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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.

Joseph Fayed was a member of Habib Marwan's terrorist cell.

Before Day 4[]

Fayed was an associate chemical engineering professor at Green University. He came to the United States in 1985 to get his graduate degree. He covertly worked with Habib Marwan to develop one or more of the terrorist plots which were put into play during Day 4. Fayed did become listed on the CTU watch list, but until Day 4 the government had no actionable intelligence about his activities.

Day 4[]

Joseph Fayed's name was included in one of the encrypted communications generated by Habib Marwan, who was illegally using McLennen-Forster technology to plot his terrorism. A page of this communication was intercepted by Jack Bauer and Paul Raines in a series of events which eventually cost Paul his life.

When CTU decrypted the page, they discovered that Fayed was a member of Marwan's terrorist cells. Working with Jack Bauer in a sting operation, cooperative terrorist Dina Araz claimed that she had taken a CTU agent hostage and demanded that Fayed let her into his house. Inside, Dina told Fayed the cover story: she had been rescued from CTU custody by fellow terrorists at the intersection of Sepulveda and National, and that she and her hostage were the only survivors.


Joseph Fayed under CTU surveillance

Fayed was extremely suspicious of Dina's claim. He knocked out Jack after frisking him, and called Habib Marwan for direction. Marwan told her to bring them both to a tunnel where CTU could not monitor by satellite. As he drove them, he was carefully tracked by CTU. Jack and Dina were removed from Fayed's car in the tunnel, and Rasheed handed Fayed a suitcase bomb from Marwan in case he was arrested as he continued out of the tunnel. When CTU realized that Dina and Jack were no longer with Fayed, they had their following field team pull him over. Fayed then closed his eyes and detonated the bomb in his car, killing himself and Agent Baron.

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