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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

Joseph Malina was an arms dealer with connections to Christopher Henderson and Vladimir Bierko during Day 5.

Day 5[]

Christopher Henderson was brought in to perform a sting operation on Malina when Counter Terrorist Unit discovered that Bierko was planning another terrorist strike. As Henderson warned CTU prior, Malina had an extremely secure firewall that would make decryption extremely difficult. Accounting for this, during the sting op, Henderson told Malina that CTU agents were outside -- this duped him into dumping his files onto a flash drive, which did not have the firewall security. However, Jack Bauer misinterpreted Henderson's plan, thinking that he had sold CTU out. He, along with the TAC team, stormed Malina's apartment before all the files could be transferred to the drive. Malina injured Curtis Manning with a gunshot to the arm, but was shot in the hip by Bauer. He was transported to CTU Los Angeles for interrogation.

As the investigation into his files revealed, Malina had sold the classified defense contracts and plans to Bierko that he needed to attack and takeover a Russian Navy Delta-IV class submarine, the Natalia K-524, docked in a civilian shipyard (Docking Station 8) at the Port of Los Angeles that was scheduled for inspection by the United States Navy.

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