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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.

Joz was one of Mandy's neighbors at The Mercerwood apartment complex during Day 4.

Day 4[]

Mandy took Tony Almeida hostage at the apartment complex and was hiding in an apartment across the hall from Joz and his two roommates, Shari and Ian. As CTU searched for Mandy and Tony, Mandy formulated a plan involving Ian and Shari as decoys.


Mandy murders Joz

Mandy knocked on their apartment door and Shari let her in. Once inside, Mandy asked if Joz was home. Shari said that he just woke up, and Mandy asked to speak with him. Ian asked what Mandy needed, but she refused to say and Shari awkwardly rolled her eyes at Mandy's odd behavior. When Joz came into the living room, he greeted Mandy as "Rothenberg", but she suddenly shot him twice in the chest, killing him. She then turned to Shari and Ian and forced them to go with her.

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