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Julia Milliken was the wife of Alan Milliken, one of President David Palmer's most important and influential backers.

Before Day 3[]

Although Alan was suspicious and controlling, Julia stayed with him for the comfort and security afforded by his wealth. Three years before Day 3, while Alan was recovering from a stroke, Julia began a year-long affair with Wayne Palmer, then the president of Alan's company.

Day 3[]

When Alan discovered the affair, he demanded that President David Palmer fire Wayne in retribution. Wayne met with Julia to ask her to persuade Alan to retract his demand, and she offered to do so if Wayne would come back to her. He refused, and soon David contacted his ex-wife Sherry Palmer to assist him in stopping Alan's extortion.


Julia, despairing, threatens to shoot Sherry

Sherry Palmer then met with Julia to enlist her help in collecting evidence that President Palmer could use against Alan. Julia was reluctant to risk her money and status until Sherry convinced her that sending Alan to prison was the only way to get everything she wanted. When Alan discovered Julia and Sherry together and accused them of conspiring against him, Sherry provoked him, causing a heart attack. He begged Julia to get his medicine, but Sherry stopped her from giving it to him.

Sherry left Julia with instructions to keep quiet about their role in Alan's death, but Julia confessed everything after questioning by Detective Norris. Sherry covered up her own involvement by convincing President Palmer to serve as an alibi witness. When Julia realized she would bear the full responsibility for her husband's death, she shot Sherry and then herself in front of Wayne Palmer.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Julia Milliken: I like being Mrs. Alan Milliken...but that does not have to have anything to do with you and me. Come back to me. It worked once, it can work again.
  • Wayne Palmer: It never worked. Not for me. ("Day 3: 10:00pm-11:00pm")

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