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Juliana Mehmeti was an operative working for Asim Naseri during Day 10.

Sometime before 8:00 p.m., Mehmeti and Naseri accosted Jennifer Marshall at her home, intending to use her as leverage against CTU security head Steven Grant. Mehmeti remained at the house, strapping an explosive vest to Marshall in the basement and setting up a live web camera feed for Naseri to monitor. At 8:15, Naseri instructed Mehmeti to leave the house.

As she was leaving, Mehmeti was interrupted by the arrival of Eric Carter and a CTU TAC team. She pretended to be Marshall, feigning shock as they held her at gunpoint and insisting she had no idea who Naseri was. While Carter searched the rest of the house, she sprang into action, stealing one agent's gun and shooting another. As she turned to fire at Carter, he shot her back, killing her. ("Day 10: 8:00pm-9:00pm")

Background information and notes Edit

  • Mehmeti's name is given in the shooting script for "8:00pm-9:00pm".
  • In an earlier draft of the episode, Mehmeti is helping Henry Donovan and some jihadi soldiers infiltrate Norton U.S. Air Force base; she is captured alive and questioned by Eric Carter. She is revealed to be an Albanian national orphaned during the 1997 Albanian Civil War and raised in a Turkish refugee camp. Carter gains her cooperation by offering to grant asylum to her fourteen-year-old son, Leo, who is still in the camp.

Live appearances Edit

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