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Kabila was a young boy native to the African nation of Sangala. He was one of hundreds captured by General Juma's army, who kidnapped Sangalan children and brainwashed them to support their coup d'état.

Kabila was one of five boys captured by a rebel soldier working for Colonel Iké Dubaku. He and the others were driven to the Colonel and brainwashed. One night, Dubaku handed the boy a machete, claiming it would make him feel strong. He was then called forward and was told to execute a defenseless Sangalan government staffer who had been captured and severely beaten. Dubaku called the man a "cockroach" and demanded that the boy hack him. After being prompted by a group cheer that was started by Iké's brother Youssou, Kabila used the machete to execute the man in front of the boys and rebels.

Later at approximately 4:50pm, after Jack Bauer killed a few rebels in the city's streets, he encountered Kabila, who aimed his AK-47 at him and muttered the words "kill the cockroach". After a few tense moments of uncertainty, Jack was able to convince him to drop the gun, and offered to help him flee the country with the other children from Okavango School. However, when a helicopter flew overhead, Kabila got startled, dropped his rifle and fled. (24: Redemption)

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