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Samir Mehran led most of the field operations of the Kamistani splinter cell in America.

The Kamistan splinter cell was a faction in the government and military of the Islamic Republic of Kamistan during President Omar Hassan's administration. The splinter cell formed when its members realized that President Hassan was earnestly attempting to make peace with America and dismantle their government's experiments with nuclear weapons. They originally sought to replace Hassan in a coup and make Kamistan a nuclear power. However, during Day 8, they adapted to changing circumstances and instead threatened the United States with a dirty bomb of nuclear fuel rods and simply assassinate Hassan. Their ultimate goal was always to derail the Kamistani peace treaty with America.

Before Day 8[]

Prior to Day 8, the faction had been looking to develop nuclear weaponry to bring Kamistan the respect of a nuclear power. One of the faction's leaders, Farhad Hassan, came in contact with a seller, Sergei Bazhaev of the Russian Red Square crime syndicate, who had access to weapons grade uranium in decommissioned Soviet stockpiles.

Day 8[]

The original plan was to purchase the nuclear fuel rods from Bazhaev and send them back to the Islamic Republic of Kamistan, and simultaneously staging a coup in which Farhad Hassan took power after his brother Omar had been killed. However, when Jack Bauer and CTU New York made this impossible, most of the operatives abandoned that plan for a new plot in which New York City would be the target of a direct threat.

Cell members[]

The leadership of the group included:

  • Farhad Hassan - brother of President Hassan and deep cover mole
  • Samir Mehran - leader of the field operations for the group in America
  • Tarin Faroush - second-in-command of the field operations and a deep undercover mole in President Hassan's administration
  • General Wasim - the most important co-conspirator at large in the IRK
  • General Amiri - top leader arrested early in the conspiracy in the IRK

Other terrorists:

Russian sponsors[]

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