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Kareem was a terrorist sent by Margot Al-Harazi to eliminate her daughter during Day 9.

Day 9Edit

After learning that Simone Al-Harazi was severely injured when a double-decker bus hit her, Margot has Ian send Kareem to St. Edwards Hospital to check on her daughter and find out what the authorities knew, since he lived not far from St. Edwards. Kareem entered the hospital around 5:20 PM. He went to the hospital's laundry room and found some janitor scrubs. After checking his pistol, Kareem changed and disguised himself as a janitor. Then he eavesdrop on the conversation between CIA agent Kate Morgan and Yasmin Azizan, Simone's niece. Kareem heard what Yasmin told Morgan and that Simone was urging her Yasmin and her now-deceased mother Farah to leave London to protect her from Margot. He called Margot and told her about what he overheard and the police are locking down the hospital. Margot instructed Kareem to find out where exactly Simone is and that she'll take care the rest. He eventually found Simone in the fourth floor at the East Wing and texted Margot where Simone was. When Margot replied that he had eight minutes to leave, Kareem was spotted by Jack Bauer. London Metropolitan Police Chief Inspector Helen McCarthy asked him for some identification. Kareem feigned that he must've been on the wrong floor and then he fired at Jack, Morgan and McCarthy before retreating. He ran into one MPS officer and shot him dead. Then he was spotted by Jack and Morgan and ran away from them. Two MPS officers heard Jack's yells to Kareem. The officers pointed their guns at him. Kareem drawn his weapon at him, but the officers shot him dead.

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