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Kathy was a waitress at the Diner that Jason Blaine arrived during Mistaken Identity.

Mistaken Identity Edit

Jason Blaine looked around and noticed a phone on the wall. Kathy offered him coffee, which he accepted. Jason then asked for some quarters to use with the phone. She told him to pay him back when he leaves. He thanked her, and headed for the phone.

After he was cut off from talking to Angie Lawson on the phone, Jason asked Kathy if she had a sectional map of the old air base. She pointed it out, and commented to a man at the diner that he was the second one in there that day looking for that map. Jason heard, and asked if she had seen the men before. Kathy said that they don't see anyone out here. As soon as she answered Jason left the room, giving Kathy much more than she gave him in change.

Live appearancesEdit

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