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Kelly was an analyst at CTU Washington during the events of Day 4 and Conspiracy.

Before Conspiracy[]

Kelly helped Donald Frick, a Department of Defense special agent, sell his hand-print and secret codes to Navi Araz, a terrorist in Los Angeles. The codes, valuable for launching missiles as part of operation "Blind Justice", required the hand-prints and codes of three other DOD agents as well: Chris Jarvis, Kenneth Proctor, and Steven Kinsey. Kelly arranged for the sale of these national secrets to the same terrorists.


Kelly assisted Martin Kail during his investigation of rogue agent Susan Walker with intelligence on his leads Christopher Gerber and Oliver Krakowski. In the meantime, however, she worked as a mole and was leaving a trail to frame her boss, James Sutton, as the mole. She tricked Sutton into believing that Kail and Walker were confused, or traitors, and then murdered him to sell the four DOD palm-prints to a terrorist cell directed by Habib Marwan.

Kail and Walker escaped from holding by tricking their guard, and confronted Kelly in Sutton's office. She opened fire with her sound-suppressed pistol, hitting Walker in the shoulder and Kail in the stomach, but was killed by a fatal gunshot wound to the neck fired by Kail. Martin stopped Kelly's transfer of state secrets before it was completed, but collapsed from his wound very shortly after.

Background information and notes[]

  • Kelly appears exclusively in the mobile phone series 24: Conspiracy, which takes place during the same day as Day 4.
  • Gerber and Krakowski were likely Kelly's associates in the conspiracy, and she probably sent the blond-haired assailant who tried to kill Walker.

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