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Kelly Sharpton was Special Agent in Charge of CTU Los Angeles. After Jack Bauer was demoted from that position six months prior to Veto Power, Sharpton was transferred in to take over.

Before Veto Power[]

Sharpton spent eight years in the Air Force, four with the Office of Special Investigations, before leaving to join the FBI. He served as a field agent at FBI San Francisco, but personal problems and his talent with computers pushed him away from field duty.

He wrote a virus that could wipe out all data on an infected hard drive, as well as performing more surgical tasks, such as erasing all existent copies of one or more files.

Veto Power[]

After receiving a panicked phone call from Debrah Drexler, Sharpton ordered Jessi Bandison to hack into the Department of Justice's computer system so that he could use his bloodhound virus to destroy incriminating photos of Drexler. However, Jessi thought it was just a training exercise. When she discovered that it was not, she told Ryan Chappelle who had Kelly arrested.

During the day, Kelly also badly burned his hand with napalm while trying to stop a bomb at the apartment of Frank Newhouse. Sharpton gained the respect of Jack Bauer by his "style" during the course of the day. Kelly started off hostile to Jack Bauer's "loose-cannon" plans but slowly they started to work together and gain each other's respect.

Cat's Claw[]

In Cat's Claw, Sharpton was called by Jessi Bandison for support and saved Jack Bauer from terrorists. During the ensuing gunfight with terrorists, Kelly was shot and killed while assisting Jack.

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