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Kennedy Memorial was a hospital in Washington, D.C..

During Day 7, Ryan Burnett was tortured by Jack Bauer when it was revealed he had information about an attack on the White House led by General Benjamin Juma. After Jack was arrested for this, he asked Bill Buchanan about Burnett and Bill told him he was being transferred to this hospital. ("Day 7: 6:00pm-7:00pm", "7:00pm-8:00pm")

After the raid at the White House ended, Ethan Kanin authorized Jack Bauer to interrogate Ryan Burnett again, with the supervision of Larry Moss. After Jack entered Burnett's room, Larry monitored him from a desk outside. However, professional hitman, Quinn, had been sent by Greg Seaton to eliminate Burnett.

When Jack was interrogating him, Quinn interrupted the transmission that was being monitored, then slipped through the ceiling, paralyzed them both with a nerve gas and killed Burnett, framing Jack for it. When Jack regained movement, he realized he was being framed and escaped through the ceiling as well. ("8:00pm-9:00pm")


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