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Kevin was a CTU Los Angeles staffer and technician active during Days 1, 2, and 3.

Day 1[]


Kevin sees Senator Palmer enter CTU

Kevin's workstation was next to Tony Almeida throughout the day. When George Mason put CTU under lockdown, Kevin and all other CTU staffers listened to him explain the protocol.

Kevin was among the workers who stared in confusion when Senator David Palmer entered CTU and demanded to speak to Jack Bauer.

Day 2[]

Kevin watched in shock when Jack Bauer arrived at CTU, eighteen months after the death of his wife ("Day 2: 8:00am-9:00am"). He was trying to fix some of the computer equipment after the bombing of CTU Los Angeles, but Michelle Dessler told him not to bother because the attack fried their systems. She told him, instead, to set up a generator line to the A-Island. He managed to do it towards the end of the hour, and Michelle told him to skip virus checks and just get their systems online. He did so, and managed to connect the video cameras in Nina Myers' interrogation room to the video rack outside ("Day 2: 12:00pm-1:00pm")

24 Day 2 3-4 AM pic 5

Kevin helps Michelle later in the day.

Kevin assisted Michelle Dessler in setting up surveillance equipment for a holding room following the bombing of CTU Los Angeles. He notified her when his work was completed. Jack Bauer, observing Kevin's monitors, saw the prisoner in the holding room, Nina Myers, awaiting questioning.

He was later instructed by Michelle to obtain authentication from at least three different sources for the voiceprints of those involved in the Cyprus recording. ("Day 2: 10:00pm-11:00pm")

When Carrie Turner needed to covertly access Michelle Dessler's computer, she sent Kevin off to give a file to Thomkins, as he was seated next to her.

Day 3[]

24 3x12 2

Kevin and Chloe in the conference room

Shortly after midnight on Day 3, Kevin was seated alongside alongside Chloe O'Brian during a Conference room briefing by Tony Almeida. Not long after that, Jack Bauer unintentionally activated a complex computer worm in the CTU computer system after being tricked by Nina Myers. Kevin reported to Adam Kaufman that the tech room was experiencing crippling difficulties. ("Day 3: 12:00am-1:00am")

Background information and notes[]

  • Kevin is one of six other recurring background CTU characters to appear in three or more seasons of the show. The other characters are Danny, who appears in the fourth, fifth and sixth seasons; Robin Powers, who appears in the first six seasons; Eileen, who appears in the first four seasons; the unnamed staffer character portrayed by Dana Bunch who appears in the first five seasons, and the unnamed field agent portrayed by Chad Israel who appears in the third, fourth and fifth seasons.

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